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PostSubject: CHANGING IN GAME MUSIC GUIDE   Thu Aug 01, 2013 10:49 am

Dear All player! I have seen some broadcasts lately for players requesting dance map music as default music for Cronus map. Personally i usually keep music off but for those that want something different you can adjust this to your own preference including your favorite song from outside the game.

First : Open EuJin Online Folder and then open music folder
Exm : D/Program Files/EuJin Online/music

Second Here you will see many mp3 files named 1000-1, 1000-2, etc .you click these files you will hear the music from the game via your default media player .The default music for Cronus/Market is 1000-4

Third You will want to copy a backup of this file somewhere else on your pc. Then delete it from your Music folder. Then just choose your favorite song from your library and copy and paste it inside the Music folder.You must then rename the file the same as the file you want to replace i.e. 1000-4 would be for Cronus/Market. Now open your client and when you play on this map the song of your choice plays on this map.

Note * Please be sure and make a backup of any files you delete from your EuJin Online folder just in case you have issues later.

Signing Off,
Support Team
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