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 EuJin Online Terms & Rules

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PostSubject: EuJin Online Terms & Rules   Sat Jul 03, 2010 6:57 am

Attention to all player,Very Happy 

Attention to all player,

1.Please use English BC (BroadCast)
2.You are not allow to fight seriously.
3.No PK PM/GM/GH (if they ask for some favor you are allow)
4.Dont use Capital Letter on BC.
5.Plese respect PM/GM or GH.
6.No Scamming (we will take action if someone did report us)
  i)Ask PM/GM if you want to trade with other person without getting scammed
    make our administration as middleman.(the service will be charge)
7.Please do not use Bug, Macross or other hack item.
8.Do not edit the item in this game.
9.Do not sell EP with RM or USD(according to your country)
     i) If you were scammed by other player in game, we are not responsible on
         items, eps, pets , or anything you trade with. Because we do not allow
        players selling those without our permission. Please take note!
10.Be careful about Your Trades.

Please obey to the rules..Thank You for Your Support.

Signing off ,
-Support team-
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EuJin Online Terms & Rules
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