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 Making a legion

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Celine Yishan

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PostSubject: Making a legion   Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:40 pm

Everyone wants to make the perfect level 10 legion but this is what you need to do so...

* Reach level 100 atleast.
* Reach atleast 500bp.
* Have friends willing to do this task with you.

Okay now that everything is together, you make your legion and choose a totem. It takes 3 100* totems to reach lvl 2. that's a good start but anyways work on your totems. Getting the idea of making a good legion takes very loyal friends. When you have a great bond with your legion you will move on to be very successful and always jump to help your members and try to stay online often... Ask any questions... Then I will finish the tutorial based on your query
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Making a legion
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